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The Art of Transition

One of our long-time clients at Bell Investment Advisors recently called me to ask if my Career/Life Coaching included “working with young people as well as older people.” I was surprised that after all these years, he didn’t know I … Continue reading

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

This is a very different question than the most often asked question in day-to-day life, whether in a social setting or the marketplace: What do you do? The latter is a fair question and a reliable conversation starter, one that … Continue reading

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It’s Not About “Who You Know” — It’s About Who Knows You!

I heard this twist on a familiar phrase at a meeting recently. The person who repeated it didn’t know where she’d heard it, so I have no idea where it came from either. If you happen to know the source, … Continue reading

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The Value of Career/Life Coaching

Where would the San Francisco Giants be without their expert coaching staff? Most likely, they would not have won their second World Series in three years. And how about those Forty-Niners?? And Lance Armstrong. On second thought, let’s not go … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from the Olympics

I don’t know when I’ve spent this much time in front of a television set so fully engaged. I watched as much of the Olympics as I could every day and night, and when I couldn’t – like every day … Continue reading

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